We are excited to be able to share some of the successes that our members have enjoyed through training at Advance Fitness.

We hope that you find these stories as inspiring as we do... 



Member of the Month - Libby

Congratulations to Member of the Month, Libby Davis! Libby came back from a one year exchange in Denmark and had gained over 10kg during her travels. She joined Advance Fitness with the intention of losing the 10kg she had gained. Since then Libby has smashed her initial goal, losing over 17kg! She has also increased her fitness dramatically and made significant gains in muscle mass.


Libby has found a good balance between cardiovascular training and resistance training in achieving such results and continues to progressively push herself harder as her fitness increases.


Feedback from Libby:   “I feel good about myself and I am not afraid to go out with friends swimming, etc. I have gained a lot of confidence that I’d lost. I love the results, not only physically, but mentally as well!”  Everyone at Advance Fitness is always so nice and helpful. The trainers are very approachable. It’s just a really supportive atmosphere.”  Libby Davis


Member of the Month - Amber

Join us in congratulating our Member of the Month, Amber Ireland, on her outstanding achievements!


Amber joined Advance Fitness in late November of 2015 and had a variety of goals including weight loss, increasing fitness, and strength. Since then she has lost 11kg, 11 cm around her waist, and 18cm around her hips. Also, Amber’s fitness has increased dramatically, she has made significant strength gains, and says she is feeling more confident.


Amber says the friendly staff, great equipment, and relaxed environment are what she enjoys most about Advance Fitness.  Amber recommends Advance Fitness to anyone who is thinking about getting started, “best gym I have tried in Invercargill and I have previously been to two others.” * 


Body Transformation Challenge Winner - Rob Dean

Congratulations to Body Transformation Challenge winner Rob Dean!

Rob lost 23kg during the 12 weeks and took out the $500 prize money!

In addition to his amazing weight loss results he blitzed all of the fitness and strength tests too! He is really enjoying the benefits of his increased 'functional fitness' in his work on the farm!


"The best part of my week is Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6pm!  Boot Camp's a real hightlight!! - Rob Dean *





Congratulations to our Member of the Month and 2015 Body Transformation Challenge Winner - Karyn Simons!

Karyn won first place in the Advance Fitness Body Transformation Challenge and took away the $500 prize money.  Karyn dropped her Body Fat percentage by 19% and lost an incredible of 27kgs of fat mass!

In addition to Karyn awesome weight loss results, she has also lost 19cm off her waist and 29cm off her hips!  We are so proud of Karyn's commitment to her training and these amazing results are her well earn reward!   *

What does Karyn have to say to anyone thinking about giving Boot Camp a try, simply... "Do it!"



Firstly CONGRATULATIONS to all our 12 week Body Transformation Challenge participants! Who over the past 12 weeks have proven: with some motivation, heaps of determination and a great deal of commitment you can achieve amazing results!!!


Now for the drum roll... We are incredibly privileged to announce the winner of the 2014 Body Transformation Challenge!


And our overall winner who is taking away the Grand Prize of $500, after achieving the outstanding result of a total fat mass loss of 7.32kg, 7.83% and a gain of 1.72kg lean mass is... Jo Thomson (Pictured receiving her award from Training Coordinator Steph West.)  *


Again a massive shout out to all those who participated in the challenge!!!






"I just want to express my sincere gratitude to you all for the supportive environment you have created at Advance Fitness.  It's very daunting to take that first step to try and make changes in your life, but I have never once been made to feel uncomfortable about myself at Advance. 


I enjoy the people, the programmes you have on offer, the laughs and most importantly the 10kg weight loss and dropping a dress size in only 8 weeks!!

May you see less of me in the future (pun intended)  :)"

- Jenny Beer  *




KristyWe would like to congratulate Member of the Month - Kirsty McMillan! Kirsty has achieved incredible results in Boot Camp, including losing 17kg in her first 12 weeks! Wow!!


Kirsty has also dramatically increased her strength and fitness, which is a testament to the effort she has been putting in to her training.

What would Kristy say to anyone looking to get started at Advance Fitness? "Just do it. The trainers are so supportive and encouraging. You'll love it!"


Craig Congratulation to Member of the Month - Craig Atkinson!


At the Boot Camp midway review, Craig has already lost a couple of kilos and most obviously 9cm from around his waist! (Almost 4 inches)


Craig's strength & fitness has also taken a huge leap and this is what he is most excited about.


We asked Craig what he likes most about Advance Fitness Boot Camp: "Trainers are awesome! The session are always different and interesting..."  *





TawhiriMember of the Month - We are so proud of member Tawhiri, who has lost an amazing 76kg since starting with Advance Fitness, as part of his life changing journey.  Truly instpirational results!!


Tawhiri is currently taking part in our Boot Camp program and continues to lose weight (6kg at the half way point) and increase strength & fitness. 


 "Anybody wanting to change there lives for the better?? This is the place to go!!!"  - Tawhirimatea Nazea Kakau  *




“I joined with Advance Fitness in May 2012 and with the help of staff, Group Fitness and Personal Traning I have lost 15kgs!!  Loving life, bring on the rest!”





- Hannah Oxley  *




"When I first joined Advance Fitness, I was one those members that didn’t turn up for a year. But then I read about Boot Camp in the paper, so I signed up to get me started.  This was back in January. I was feeling unfit, overweight and was getting a sore back.


With the Boot camp my goal was to lose 10kgs. I came very close to my goaled from going from 112kgs down to 102kgs but best of all I half my fat % 31 to 16 body fat%, my fitness went up, I stop smoking my health improved, I sleep better at night now and also I now go to the gym more often.


The best thing I like about training is that I feel more alert and the positive thinking I have and also people are now saying to me I look great and health, which make me feel even better on what I have done

I now have lost 13kgs in total since starting at the gym, which means I have achieved my weight lost goaled and now making new goals.

Since the Boot camp I am now going to most of the group fitness class that Advance Fitness have on offer and also now getting personal training with John to really test my fitness out.


Like to give massive thanks the team at Advance Fitness for chancing my life for the positive and now I am looking forward to the next challenges they will have on offer."

- Jason Karo  *


James Cleghorn Before After

"I joined Advanced Fitness Club in August 2012, after being diagnosed with sever sleep apnoea which meant I did not sleep properly and was constantly tired. After begin set up with a programme I would go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. I started to notice changes almost straight away, I was less tired during the day and had more energy later in the day. After 5 weeks the personal trainers expanded my programme as my fitness level has increased


Five weeks before Christmas I started Personal Training with John, 2 half hour sessions per week, as well as 2 or 3 times per week doing my normal programme or cardio. The Personal Training really helped with motivation at a time when I was getting complacent with my programmes. In the five weeks I lost 2kgs in weight


In January 2013 I signed up for "Boot Camp". Boot camp has been an awesome experience, 4 one hour sessions per week for 6 weeks, with two 1.5 hour Saturday sessions. After the second session I thought "what am I doing", this was different to anything I had done before and at the time appeared too hard, but I pushed through and really enjoyed the group training environment with a great bunch of people of all fitness levels and abilities all with the same goal to increase our fitness and have a good time doing it. It was also good train away from the gym at places like the beach, local sports grounds and walking tracks. The Trainers were always there to motivate and encourage us to push ourselves. I have enjoyed boot camp and the results I have achieved I will do it again.

Since joining the Advanced Fitness I have lost 12kgs and my fitness level has increased."


- James Cleghorn  *




"On visiting to sort out what its about, the team personally chat with you as to what you as an individual want, and tell you how they can help you to achieve it with their wide and comprehensive range of cardio equipment and weight training gear with swiss balls, punch bags and what-have-you, readily available.


Being 77 yrs old and in the "use it or lose it" Brigade, I cannot speak too highly of these Personal Trainers, their attention to detail for you alone and their continual support and help at all times.

Try it... You won't be disappointed."

- Conrad Niven








"Hi Dee
We wanted to let you know that we successfully swam (in relay) across the Foveaux Strait on the 9th of February.  We were part of the Oreti Surf Life Saving Club that participated in the Celebration of the first crossing 50 years ago.
Thanks to the unfailing support of John who created our personal training programs over the past five and a half months, we were able to improve our fitness, increase our stamina and successfully train to conquer the Strait.  We appreciate everyone's support and thank you very much.
I guess it will be back to gym - we've had enough rest after the 9 and a half hour swim!"
Neal, Bronwyn and Robert Cole  *



"I joined Advance Fitness on 3 January 2012, and have come to the gym 5 days a week without fail ever since. In 3 months I've lost 7.5kg and moved my belt buckle 3 places and found I can wear a dress I've not been able to get into for 2 years! I am also moving faster and feeling a lot younger!


It's been fascinating to see the variety of workouts created for other members too. No "one size fits all" here!


But the most important thing for me has been the support and advice Shoni gives so readily and effectively. On various occasions painful Achilles tendons and knee program could easily mess up my programme. At the drop of a hat Shoni has shown me how to get around the difficulties by adapting the exercises. She's interested, she knows what she's doing and she has made me believe in my own potential, helping me to persevere.


Knowing me so well, my family are amazed I've kept coming, but I know when I'm on a good thing. Deciding to join Advance Fitness was the best decision I could have made."


- Caroline Holmes  *


"I first joined Advance Fitness back in August 2011, after signing up for a 3 month Biggest Loser competition at my workplace. I needed some motivation to get back into fitness after getting a bit lazy and lacking in motivation after netball season finished, as well as needing to lose some weight.


The classes are awesome, the instructors are fantastic - the instructors are really motivating, helpful and make the classes a lot of fun as well as a bloody good workout! I will be attending Advance Fitness for a long time to come.


I'm pleased to say with the help of these awesome trainers and instructors motivating us to work our hardest and keep coming to the gym and the classes - I managed to lose 10kgs for our Biggest Loser competition! I've still got quite a bit of weight to lose and a long way to go - but I know the guys at Advance Fitness will be there to help me on my journey to a thinner, fitter, toned me!


I would definitely recommend the gym to anyone looking for a gym with great classes and friendly and helpful instructors/trainers!"


- Nadene Winchester *


* Note:  All of the results noted above have been achieved by our members through dedication to their training and diet.  Results may vary from person to person.  

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